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About Stockholms Stadsmission - in English

Stockholms Stadsmission is a voluntary organisation working towards a more humane society for everyone in Stockholm. We do this by being active in the areas of social care, healthcare, education and labour integration. We have been engaged in such activities – with the aim of helping the worst off in society – since our establishment in 1853.  

Just as we did in the 1800s, we step in where state resources and efforts are insufficient. Our operations are adapted to suit arising needs – both acute and long-term – in Stockholm. Our starting point is the belief that it is possible to change the circumstances of anyone who finds him or herself on the margins of society. Our key task is to help people to believe in their own abilities and regain control of their lives.  

Our values have their origin in the Christian outlook, while remaining open to other, diverse philosophies. They are based on a sustained and uncompromising love of humankind, where the personal connections between people are the key issue.  

Our mission in relation to individuals is to see, alleviate and change; in relation to society, it involves challenging, complementing and getting involved.

Stockholms Stadsmission is a voluntary organisation based on a Christian view of humanity. It seeks to release individual capabilities by challenging society at large and complementing its efforts in education, social entrepreneurship and social care.

We divide our operations into three areas

Social operations 

We help children and young people in need of adult support, families in crisis, single mothers who are struggling financially, young adults in need of therapy, young parents who need support and advice, lonely elderly people, and any addicts or homeless men and women. 

Social organisations 

Our social organisations are intended for people who want to enter the workforce. We enable people to enter or return to work or training through a job training placement. We have placements in our second-hand shops: Remake, Grillska Huset, Matmissionen and Blixtjobb   

School operations

We have been running schools through the School Foundation for over 150 years. We are a voluntary, non-profit alternative that offers education for all. At the moment, we have six secondary schools, a special needs secondary school, a college, SFI, an adult education and a vocational college.  

How is all this financed? 

Donations from individuals, bequests, corporations and foundations are crucial to many of our operations. Some operations are state funded through contracts with municipalities and regions. Our School Foundation is financed by state school funds.  

Together, we are making Stockholm into a more humane city – for everyone!

Together with other donors, every day you can make a difference for more than 1,000 people who are living under very difficult circumstances in Stockholm. You can give in many ways: by donating items to our second-hand stores, working as a volunteer and by giving money, for example as a monthly donor.  


Stockholms Stadsmission has a 90-account and is under the supervision of the Svensk Insamlingskontroll, which requires that at least 75 percent of all proceeds are used for the intended purpose. In 2015, 83 percent of our revenues were spent on helping people, with the remainder being used for administration and fund collection.